We still say goodbye to the lake before leaving this family home.

Sometimes we laugh.

Sometimes we cry.

We are quiet until the highway, in reflection of the truer selves we just learned how to be, of the gratitude we share for each other and the family we are afforded this and every moment in life together to experience.

Often, in at least some capacity, by the time we reach Thunderbird, we’ve talked about our grandparents. Maybe it’s a reminder to Felix to thank Granny since he’s going to see her for something the next day. Maybe it’s me asking Liz to help me remember to text Granny about the plants I watered or for her to drop off some dog hair to keep rabbits away (it works, according to Granny!).

We also talk about the types of people they are, both as individuals and together—and how we want to maintain many of the same outlooks and traits throughout our lives and our life together. We talk about how they’d be so happy to know—like, *really* know—what they have made possible in our lives, yes, as generous cottage sharers, but mostly how lucky we are to have them as grandparents AND as friends…and for the impact they have on who we’ve become/are becoming in life and family and how meaningful it is that our son is amazingly-lucky enough to experience in his own life during every second he gets to spend with either of both of you…and we talk about how much we love them both….

…Which is a lot, by the way……like, a lot a lot….A LOT A LOT A LOT…

…But, then still on the drive away from such a meaningful home to our family, we are homesick for that home instead of the one we actually live in (and like a lot!)…the cottage is special for everyone, often where family gets together—but for us, it’s also our family’s first home—it’s first where we became a family, both officially and beforehand, so we always get to experience that connection anew/more-deeply together at  cottage every time we visit.

…then we see Dairy Cove and hope it’s open to ease our cottage homesickness at least a little bit. :-)

Granny  always like to call or text when we head up to run though the routine,so we thought she mijnr

to had about our  cottage departure routine.


Happy Fourth of July!

<3 <3 <3🐾🐾


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